Flight Plan Online®

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  • Increase Efficiency and Profits

    Flight Plan Online® is an information management system that helps you manage the entire aerial application process – from planning, job scheduling, and spraying, to billing and inventory management. It keeps you ahead of the game, especially during spray season, when demand is at its peak. You and your pilots will spend more time in the air, and less time doing paperwork.

  • Impress your customers

    Whether you work with retailers, or growers, your customers will appreciate Flight Plan Online’s® professional and accurate mapping. They can track the progress of job orders, without having to call to find out if a job got sprayed. Flight Plan Online® even sends automatic email updates to your customers, when there’s a change to the status of their jobs.

  • Create high-quality maps

    Our AgriSmart maps make it fast for you and your customers to find fields, virtually anywhere in the world. You can customize each field, exactly how you need it. All necessary information is on the map, including field size, state, county, township and latitude & longitude.

  • Make the most of your guidance systems

    You can easily download shape files for an entire batch of jobs from Flight Plan Online® onto your planes’ guidance systems. You don’t need to manually enter the Lat/Long coordinates while you’re in the cockpit. It’s also easy to upload “as applied” files back into Flight Plan Online® to create application reports for your records, or for your customers.

  • Get started, fast

    Applicators, and their customers, love how easy Flight Plan Online® is to learn and to use. It’s a seamless system you can access anywhere you have an internet connection. Our online tutorials are enough to get many users up and running. We also offer training for you and your customers.

  • Feel secure

    Your Flight Plan Online® account is password protected. Each of your customers has their own account, as well. Although you will be able to see the information of all your customers, they will only see their own. We understand the sensitivity of the data you and your customers enter in Flight Plan Online®. We take the trust you place in us seriously and will never provide any information to third parties.

  • Value

    Flight Plan Online® is licensed to Aerial Applicators on a per acre basis. For more information on the value Flight Plan Online® brings to the aerial application process click here.


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